Press Features & Interviews

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April 2015: hailey performs live on NC's CBS 17 

and interviews alongside maestro timothy myers for North Carolina Opera's DON giovanni

Press Features & Interviews​

Feb 16, 2017: Feature in Salzburg's 'Kronen Zeitung'

hailey debuts the role of Anne Trulove in a new production of The rake's progress  at theater basel

hailey on her role of fiordiligi in her debut at

central city opera 

Hailey Clark

Hailey debuts the role of Musetta 

in a new production in the Haus Fuer Mozart - Salzburg

2017 Winner: "Best Female Leading Role"

Hailey wins the Austrian Music Theater Award in Opera for her portrayal of Alma Beers - Brokeback Mountain

May 17, 2018: 'TeleBasel GLAM' TV Feature